Pet Squirrel Defends Owner's Home From Robbery

February 17, 2017

© Gradts | Dreamstime

Dogs aren't the only pets that protect your home.  Even a tiny squirrel can be a force to defend its owner and their property.  So is the case of Joey the squirrel and his owner Adam Pearl of Idaho.  When Adam returned to his home Tuesday he noticed something was different.  The fresh footprints in snow was not the regular path he takes into his house. Then as Joey greeted Adam when he opened the door, he knew someone had been inside. Several doors were open that were normally closed.  As Adam look around to see if anything was missing, his made it to his gun safe, where it was covered in fresh scratches around the lock.  Fortunately the guns were still inside.  Wasting no time, Adam called police and Officer Ashley Turner arrived a few minutes later.  While taking notes, she noticed Joey the squirrel running through her legs and startled her a t first.  Realizing it was a squirrel, she asked if Joey would bite, to which Adam replied, he usually doesn’t bites but he is a squirrel.  That tidbit of information came in handy later in the day when Officer Turner was on another call.  Questioning a man, she noticed scratches on his hands.  Out of the blue she asked if they were from a squirrel, to which the man replies “yes”, Adam recounts to reporters.  It was enough for Officer Turner to arrest the man and return the stolen items to Adam.  Joey was rewarded with his favorite treat — Whoppers malted milk balls.


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