Personal Devices Are Costing Companies Nearly Five Hours A Week In Lost Productivity

July 25, 2017

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Could you image life without your smart phone?  It seems our love affair with our personal devices is interfering with our jobs.  A survey of professionals by staffing firm OfficeTeam found that we waste an average of 56 minutes a day using their mobile devices for non-work activities in the office. That nearly five hours a week. Workers between the ages of 18 and 34 were the biggest offenders and while the majority of managers think their staff is spending all that time on social media web sites, workers said they're most occupied by personal email. Men most frequently check non-work email on their cell phones while females browse social networks more often. But the biggest reason we're on our phones appears to be visiting web pages that are banned by their company while 68% of the men surveyed use their cell phones to access blocked websites in the office, compared to 43 percent of females.Workers also admitted to clocking 42 minutes a day on personal tasks unrelated to personal devices. When you combine the minutes we're squandering more than 8 hours per work week on activities unrelated to our jobs.

SOURCE: OfficeTeam

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