Pepper Spray Flavored Beer

February 12, 2018

:  Who doesn't love the taste of a good pepper spray?!?! Ahh, the burning! The itching! It's why so many people depend on it as personal protection.  So it is a strange marriage that a company that makes pepper spray and mace would team with a beer brewery to create a pepper-spray flavored beer.  Dogfish Head Brewery as teamed up with Mace Security International, a company that, unsurprisingly, makes mace, to create "In Your Face" pepper-spray flavored beer. The brewers used oleoresin capsicum, the primary ingredient in Mace Brand pepper spray. The raw form of which is so intense, the Dogfish team had to wear protection during the brewing process. The dark, this smoky, moderately sweet stout has a bit of heat that won’t burn your palate.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, you can only purchase In Your Face at the Dogfish Head Brewery Tasting Room in Milton, Delaware for a limited time.

SOURCE: Thrillist

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