People Who Skip Breakfast More Likely To Be Overweight

April 23, 2018

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Although it may sound bizarre that you'd gain weight from skipping a meal but skipping breakfast meals you are more likely to be overweight. That is the finding on the latest research linking bigger waistlines to ditching the first meal of the day.  In a review of 350 people from the Mayo Clinic , it found more than a quarter of people who skipped breakfast were obese, compared to just over one in 10 people who ate it frequently. Participants reported whether they never ate breakfast, had an ‘infrequent’ breakfast one to four times a week, or ate breakfast every morning. The results found nearly 27% of people who never ate breakfast were obese, compared to 10.9% of people who ate it frequently. It has been suggested people who skip breakfast make up for the calories they miss in later meals and snacks.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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