People Spend More Money When Online Shopping Through A Phone

August 24, 2017


Love to online shop using your smart phone?  Good, say retails as you are more likely to spend much more money using a mobile device. Researchers have released the results on a study that found people are more likely to make more frivolous, impulsive purchases if they’re shopping on their phones than if they’re facing a computer monitor. For some reason, we are more prone to spend carelessly on touchscreens rather than a keyboard.  An experiment found that people had "significantly higher" purchase intentions for pleasurable items using a touchscreen.  Conversely, participants had significantly higher purchase intentions for practical products while using desktops instead of touchscreens. The study also found that participants using touchscreen technology scored significantly higher on "experiential thinking" than subjects using desktop computers, whereas those with desktop computers demonstrated higher scores for rational thinking. So if you want to conserve cash, resist the urge to shop online using a touchscreen.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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