People Judge You And Your Work Performance Based On Your Name

May 29, 2018

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It turns out your name says more about you than you might think. Researchers found that our perceptions of people are based solely on their name and not on their performance and the results are not a poster child for equality. Female names are seen as warmer and less competent than male names, which scientists say is a reflection of sexist attitudes. According to those who were asked a series of questions about names and asked them to rate them as older, competent, warm, or a combination of the three. Names that are thought to be warm and competent are Ann, Anna, Caroline, Daniel, David, Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Evelyn, Felicia, Grace, James, Jennifer, John, Jonathan, Julie, Kathleen, Madeline, Mark, Mary, Matthew, Michael, Michelle, Natalie, Nicholas, Noah, Olivia, Paul, Rachel, Samantha, Sarah, Sophia, Stephen, Susan, Thomas and William. Names that are warm but less competent are Hailey, Hannah, Jesse, Kellie, Melody and Mia. Names that are more competent but less warm are Arnold, Gerard, Herbert, Howard, Lawrence, Norman, Reginald and Stuart. Names with both low warmth and competence are Alvin, Brent, Bryce, Cheyenne, Colby, Crystal, Dana, Darrell, Devon, Dominic, Dominique, Duane, Erin, Larry, Leslie, Lonnie, Malachi, Marcia, Marco, Mercedes, Omar, Regina, Rex, Roy, Tracy, Trenton, Vicki and Whitney. Competence was described to participants as including traits such as clever, competent, creative, efficient, foresighted, ingenious, intelligent and knowledgeable. Warmth as a characteristic included traits such as popular, honest, humorous, fair, generous, helpful, righteous, sincere, and tolerant.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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