People Influenced By Stronger Attitude

April 3, 2017

© Tracy King | Dreamstime

Slackers of America, it isn't your fault!  Your slacker friends are to blame.  A revolutionary new study confirms that people tend to unconsciously imitate others' prudent, impatient or lazy attitudes. It is revolutionary because these traits were thought to be ingrained in us, have been shown to be influenced by those around us. It does beyond laziness.  From opinions to politics, the study found two biases we tend to follow. 'False-consensus' bias, which means that we believe that the attitudes of others resemble our own and 'social influence bias', meaning our attitude tends to become more similar to those of people around us. In other words, the weaker bias, whether it your position or someone else you associate with, will be replaced by the one who holds the stronger bias. This clashes with previous findings, which suggested that people change their attitudes to confirm with society.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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