People Born In Summer Months More Likely To Be Overweight

July 11, 2018

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The battle to fight obesity, in many circumstances, comes down to genetics and making wise personal choices on food, exercise and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol.  But a new study says there's evidence that people conceived in colder months are better at burning fat that those conceived in warmer months.  The research suggests those born between July and December carry more of a substance called brown fat than those conceived January through June. This type of fat was only discovered a decade ago and resides along the spine and in our necks, while the insulating fat around our abdomen is called white fat. Thinner people tend to have more brown fat than the overweight, suggesting that their brown fat helps to keep their weight down by burning the white fat. This new study affirms a previous study which found that people in cold regions have particularly high levels of brown fat. Experiments done in the lab found that offspring conceived in colder temperatures generally gain less weight even on a high fat diet. More research is being planned.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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