Penguin Publicly Shamed For Pushing Others And Stealing Fish

July 6, 2017

© Staphy | Dreamstime

Timmy has not had a good month!  In fact, Timmy has been publically shamed for his bad behavior and has earned the title of "Naughty penguin of the month" at the National Aquarium of New Zealand.  Apparently Timmy isn't playing nicely with the other penguins in he's pushed another penguin over, flicked sand at yet others and steals fish for himself!  The aquarium highlights the naughtiest and best behaved penguins for the month, with Betty receiving the "good penguin" award for the month, which celebrates her as a "good swimmer" that "waited patiently for fish." Although Timmy may have good reason for being naughty.  He was rescued from a beach with a back injury and through treatment and visits from his own chiropractor he is able to walk again, although a bit wobbly at times. Perhaps the public shaming and his continued rehab will soon change his negative ways for the better!


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