Patriotic Thief Breaks In To Ocklawaha Home To Steal Cable and Booze

October 21, 2016


Somewhere in Marion County, a flag-loving thief has a throbbing headache and access to HBO thanks to a recent robbery.  The Marion County Sheriff's office reported the strange list of items stolen from an Ocklawaha home.  According to the report, a woman recently purchased the home on SW 54th Street and had been out of town for about a month on personal business.  Upon her return home, she noticed someone had broken a locked window and left quite a mess.  A bookshelf was knocked down, the kitchen had been ransacked but could've been worse as the robber must've been distracted by a bottle of vodka and a bottle of rum, each now empty.  Upon further investigation a cable box had been taken and, most likely as the robber left, an American flag was taken. Anyone with any information about this incident can call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at 732-9111 or Crime Stoppers at 368-7867. 

SOURCE: Ocala Star-Banner

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