Pasta Not Such A Bad Food After All

February 7, 2017


Since the days of the Atkins diet, carbs, and in particular pasta, has been demonized.  However pasta isn't such an evil weight-gain food at it is sometimes perceived.  At The Obesity Society's annual meeting in New Orleans a few months ago, pasta consumption in adults is associated with overall better diet quality when compared to adults who don't eat pasta. In reviewing the health and diet records of people from 2001 to 2012, found pasta-eaters had higher levels of vitamins and minerals as well as lower daily intake of saturated fat and added sugar.  The study, funded by the National Pasta Association, may seem to be biased but it does echo many nutritionists that the key to a healthy lifestyle is a balance of foods higher in fruits, vegetables and grains. So go ahead and have some pasta!  Just remember its' generally the sauces on the pasta that make it calorie-laden and consuming pasta in moderation is the key.

SOURCE: Eurekalert

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