Pasco County Sheriff's Office Social Media Post Is Total Embarrassment For A Couple Trying To Start A Family

May 22, 2017


Law enforcement agencies have found social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, as great way to communicate with the public, but it can also cross the line in turning a low key encounter into a big mess.  Take the story of Felicia Nevins, a 26-year-old Port Richey woman who was anxious to start her family with her husband.  However the couple were having trouble getting that family started and for them it was an embarrassing situation that had consumed three years of their lives.  They quietly decided to try artificial insemination and didn’t tell a soul, not even their family. As part of the doctor’s orders, when her husband had been able to provide his part, it was to be stored in vials and kept cold by packing it in dry ice.  However dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, which is solid but returns to a gas as it warms up and expands.  That was bad news for Felicia, who had stored it in a thermos but had failed to remove the rubber o-ring that would allow the gas to vent.  She called the Pasco County Sheriff's office for help Wednesday afternoon, who in turn contacted fire rescue, who both turned up to take the thermos away and safely opened it.  The deputy and firefighter respected Felicia's wishes for privacy. However once the report was filed at the sheriff's office, a member of the social media team decided to share the story on the Pasco County Sheriff's Facebook page. Although no names were mentioned, the description was so accurate it didn't take long for neighbors and news outlets to identify her.  Mortified, Felicia asked the Sheriff's Office to remove or edit the post, to which they replied no as it was their policy not to remove or edit any post and blamed the media, in a statement, for using public records to identify her. As for the embarrassed couple they said the Pasco Sheriff's Office could have used social media to warn people about the dangers of dry ice without including such details of her personal life, which also resulted in medical information being disclosed.

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times

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