Party Tips For Guests Who Don't Drink Alcohol

October 19, 2017

© Kutt Niinepuu Dreamstime

We're heading into the fall and winter party season and while many enjoy socializing with an alcoholic beverage, some people prefer not to imbibe.  For the host of a party, it can be a stressful time as you don't wish to make any sober guest feel uncomfortable or left out.  So create some mocktails for your sober guests.  All the yumminess of booze-fueled drinks without the alcohol will allow your sober guests to meander the room with a drink that looks like it has alcohol but isn't. You can also add a lime wedge to a soda drink to make it look the part.  Also make sure your party isn't all about alcohol.  Create a bar in one room and the socializing area in another. Parties are a get together with your friends, so make sure you have games and activities to do but make sure they don't involve drinking.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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