Party-goers Mistake Real Police For Strippers

July 20, 2016

Generally there are only two reasons police would show up at your party.  1-the neighbors called in a noise complaint or 2-they're strippers.  Unfortunately for party goers at a recent party, they couldn't tell the difference.  Sunday night, there were about 10 women celebrating the 50th birthday of a friend when there was a knock on the door.  One of the ladies open the door to see two police officers standing in the doorway.  The woman were beyond excited, embracing them and snapping a few pictures.  However the presumed strippers were real cops that were responding to a noise complaint.  The two officers, one in his 20's and one in his 50's, made "several attempts" to explain that it was a genuine police visit.  It was only when one of the guests spotted the police car parked outside that they realized their mistake. Slightly embarrassed over their mistake, the women agreed to turn down the music and party continued.  The officers were good sports and wished the host a happy birthday.


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