Parents And Kids Develop Text Code To Be Used In A Social Emergency

February 28, 2017

© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime

Times may be changing but peer pressure kids experience never does. That pressure to be accepted can lead to bad decisions, which can leads to a lifetime of problems, such as drug or alcohol abuse.  It's a story many counselors hear over and over and which lead to one man coming up with a plan.  Bert Fauks calls it, the X-plan and it works like this.  Your son or daughter is at a party when someone pass them a beer, which makes them uncomfortable. So your child follows up the most recent text (could be hours ago) by sending the letter "X".  That is a coded signal for you to make up an excuse for your child to immediately leave, so when you call, your Oscar-winning performance urgently summons them home.  That way, your child saves face and you know your child is home safely from the situation.  The x-plan appears to be gaining popularity as parents and kids discuss the code and how to use it.  

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