Parenting Tips Form A FBI Negotiator

March 16, 2018

© Mihail Degteariov | Dreamstime

Parenting is a lifelong series of negotiations.  From picking up their toys to finishing their homework, the art of negotiating is essential for harmony.  In fact a recent survey found that 62% of parents say they actually negotiate with their kids to get them to eat! So if you're going to negotiate to get your kids to behave and do the tasks needed, you might as well learn negotiating skills from a FBI negotiator! Former lead kidnapping negotiator for the FBI, Chris Voss, says by using certain language, you can be more effective when talking to kids. You want to wear them out the same way they wear you out, by asking open-ended question. "How" questions are a great way to give the other side the illusion of control while you hold on to the upper hand. It also makes them think. Another good technique is to use mirroring by repeating the last three words of what they say. A child development specialist says to drop the word "if" and replace it with "when." That will make sure you remain in control of the conversation. Finally, using touch and staying calm can also help foster a positive outcome. Touch your child’s shoulder when talking to them, put your hand on their pack, come down to their level and use eye-contact.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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