A Paper Coffee Cup Foils The Perfect Crime

January 17, 2017


There are bank robberies and then there are bank robberies that can be written into a TV series, like this one!  Off to Woodstock, Vermont, where on January 4th, a man enters the People's United Bank and hands the teller a robbery note. The robber fled on foot with $3,000 in cash.  About that same time Gail Dougherty's home was being cleaned by Heather Wheeler, who had dome so for 16 years.  About an hour and a half later, Gail returned home and was going about her business when she saw something odd.  In the garbage bin was a paper coffee cup. Being environmentally conscious, she picked up the paper coffee cup to move it to the recycle bin.  As she removes the lid to see if the cup was empty, she discovered a crumpled piece of paper.  There in bold, black-inked letters were the words, THIS IS A ROBBERY GIVE ME THE MONEY QUIETLY AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT. A little concerned about the message, she took the note to police, who were just getting underway with the robbery investigation of the bank.  Gail returned home and noticed some oddities at her home the next day.  Some jewelry was missing as well was two Christmas cards with money were missing.  On the hallway table she recognized black gloves and a ski mask of her own but didn't recall leaving them there.  Police were able to piece together the crime easily as the robbery note was written on a back of a card, notably one of the Christmas cards with money stolen.  The gloves and ski mask match the surveillance and witness accounts of the robber and DNA samples from the paper coffee cup match that of her housekeeper's boyfriend, 28-year-old Adam Kniffin, who was arrested for robbery and larceny.  Police may issue an arrest warrant against the housekeeper. The perfect crime was foiled by one woman's drive to protect the planet.

SOURCE: Valley News

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