Pair Of Rings Transmit Each Others Heart Beats

August 15, 2016

A wedding ring is worn on the 4th finger on the left hand (between your pinky and middle ringer) as the ancients believed the vens amoris (vein of love) lead directly to your heart. Now thanks to a company called The Touch, you can how order rings that receive and transmit your lover's pulse via Bluetooth.  The HB (Heart Beat) Ring actually take the wearers pulse and transmits it to a matching ring where it is displayed in a red, blinking light that wraps around the ring.  You can also feel your love's heartbeat by activating the vibration feature. The rings come with an app that automatically pairs the rings from anywhere in the world.  The battery of each ring lasts about 14 hours while active and 160 hours of standby time and are covered in a sapphire surface, which the company says makes the rings virtually unscratchable and water resistant.  The HB rings took over 2 and a half years to create and are being pre-ordered online, cost $599 for the jet black or stainless steel models and $2990 for the solid rose gold models.

SOURCE: The Touch web site

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