Three Moving Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

July 13, 2018


At one time or another, you've boxed up your entire life and move it from one location to another. Chances are that won't be the last time either. Professional movers from across the country have noticed three particular mistakes made when packing up your home. Mistake #1: Packing Books In Large Boxes. The strategy of placing all your books in one or two large boxes can backfire as those boxes become incredibly difficult to lift and move because of their weight. Instead pack books in small boxes. Also make sure you are taping these heavy boxes properly with multiple strips of tape. Mistake #2: Not Labeling Your Boxes Clearly or Correctly.  While you may know what you are packing as you pack it, boxes look alike and in many cases, boxes are re-used, with old instructions on which room they are to be unpacked.  So make sure label which room it does to and go a step farther by listing the general contents of the box and cross out any old instructions from previous moves. Mistake #3: Not Packing Your Fragile Items Properly. While you may wrap a towel or two around a couple fragile items, it may not be enough to protect those items from being damaged during the move.  So wrap your fragile items with care while packing that includes individual wraps of items in paper or bubble wrap and filling any holes with bubble wrap, paper or peanuts to keep those items from moving around and to add maximum protection.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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