Over A Third Of Americans Are Binge Watching Netflix At Work

November 15, 2017

Move over #NetflixAndChill, we're binge-watching at our work desk!  Apparently Netflix is watching as much as we're watching shows on it.  On a survey over 37,000 people, it found that 67% of Americans are watching Netflix outside their home with 27% are watching at work!  Yep, #NetflixAndWork is the new #NetflixAndChill!  But that's not all!  The survey found 44% of people have notice a stranger snooping over their shoulder trying to catch a peek, however 11% saw a show spoiler (that'll teach them a lesson)!  27% say they watch while waiting in line, 12% say they're binging while in a public restroom and 26% say they've stopped watching when an embarrassing scene comes on.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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