Over 400 Students Visit Cancer-Stricken Teacher To Offer Support

September 13, 2016


If we all think back to our school career, there are a few teachers that we hold special in our hearts.  Ben Ellis is one of those teachers.  He has been teaching Latin and Bible studies at Christ Presbyterian Academy, in Nashville Tennessee since 2008.  His 5 children even attend the school.  However Ellis got some devastating news last December when he was diagnosed an aggressive form of cancer.  Treatment began immediately but after the effects of treatment for 10 months took its toll and with little success, Ellis decided enough was enough and stopped treatment.  The heartbreaking news made it to the hundreds of students at school with an announcement from principal Parker Altman. The announcement also encouraged students who wished to give support to Ellis that buses were out front and that they'd be heading to visit Ellis.  More than 400 students and faculty traveled to visit their teacher and began to sing, pray and worship with him.  The moved Ellis viewed from his upstairs bedroom window as a sea of his students sang one of his favorite songs. The video was posted by country singer, Tim McGraw and has been viewed more than 19 million times.

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SOURCE: The Tennessean

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