Our Vocabulary Changes When We Are Stressed

November 9, 2017

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There are many signs you display when stressed including the words you choose, say researchers who say people in times of stress speak less and use more adverbs  and adjectives such as 'really' or 'incredibly and are less likely to use third person plural pronouns such as 'their' or 'they'.  It is thought in times of stress that we focus less on others and the outside world when we feel under threat and these words may help us deal with the stress by acting as emotional intensifiers. The team compared the language used by each volunteer with their expression of 50 genes known to be linked to high stress levels and found that our body’s treat stress like we do a virus or bacterial infection.   So our bodies are coping with an invasion of emotional circumstances by changing our speech pattern.  Previous research has shown people's use of function words changes immediately after a terrorist attack or during a personal crisis. These findings could help identify people at risk of developing stress-related illnesses.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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