Our refrigerators are too warm and causing food to spoil faster

September 7, 2016


You would think that all is equal in the coldness of your refrigerator but there are differences in temperature that could be costing you lost of money in spoiled food.  Come to find out, 75% of us are keeping our refrigerator too warm.  Your refrigerator should be kept between 32 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit, according to food experts and remember not to pack it too full as it will keep your fridge from operating at the right temperature (3/4 full is ideal).  Get this, where you place food can be a big deal too as certain areas could be up to 6 degrees warmer of cooler. It comes down to how the cooling coils work.  The fridge is cooled by a gas, known as refrigerant vapor, which flows in liquid form inside a coil in the fridge and absorbs heat in the air. The closer foods are to the coil (which is usually found on the lower shelf, as hot air rises), the colder those foods will be. So the coldest part of your fridge, around 32 degrees, is the bottom shelf, where you should store raw meat, fish, poultry and dairy.  Next coldest, around 36 degrees is the bottom drawers, which is meant for your fruits and vegetables.  Not so much for the chilling effect, the drawers are usually the most humid part of your fridge (condensation drips down) which is the perfect atmosphere for them.  However use one drawer for fruits and one for vegetables, as gasses released from the fruits will spoil your veggies.  Next coldest, around 36-37 degrees, are the middle and top shelves. These are area where left overs, cured meats and eggs do best.  IT's also where you should keep that left over bottle of wine (not in the door). Speaking of the door, this is the warmest part of the refrigerator, 37 degrees near the bottom and 39 degrees at the top. Store juices and condiments at the bottom and cheeses and butter in the top door.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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