Our Dirty Little Secret About Netflix

February 15, 2017

© Diego Vito Cervo | Dreamstime

New technology is leading us to new terms, phrases and problems.  While Netflix and chill is used when hooking up on date night, Netflix cheating is on the rise among couples and no one is apologizing for it!  Netflix cheating is when one person watches episodes of shows ahead of the other.  A new survey found that out of over 30,000 Netflix faithful, 46% admit to sneaking in extra episodes of shows without their partner and 45% never admit their infidelity! What’s even more disturbing is that 61% said they “would cheat more if they could get away with it” and a whopping 81% says they're repeat offenders!  Perhaps Netflix counseling will be the next buzz word in our lexicons as 66% of Netflix cheaters say a lack of self-control is to blame for skipping ahead of shows.  By the way, the most Netflix cheating shows are The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, House of Cards, Orange is The New Black, Narcos, and Stranger Things.

SOURCE: Vocativ

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