Orthodontists Noticing An Increase Of People Straightening Their Own Teeth

March 7, 2017

© Nejron | Dreamstime

Getting your teeth straightened is an investment, and a new report from the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) reveals there's been a rise in patients trying to straighten out their own teeth at home. Thanks to self-described expert videos online, people are using string, rubber bands, paper clips and fake retainers to straighten out their teeth with the costs of visiting and orthodontist. About 13% of orthodontists said they'd had patients who tried to fix their own teeth in a number of ways, including biting on pencils or using various household items such as paper clips. That leads to nearly 40% of those do-it-yourselfers seeking out treatment. Moving teeth is best done under the direct supervision of an orthodontist after an in-person assessment, including complete diagnostic records.

Source: Daily Mail

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