Organized Crime Targeting Used Cooking Oil

May 8, 2017

© Dambuster | Dreamstime

When you think or organized crime, you immediately think of drugs, guns, gambling and grease.  Grease!?  That’s got to be a mistake, right? The same cooking oil that fries up your French fries, chicken wings and fish sticks is now such a valuable commodity that street gangs and organized crime are robbing kitchens of their used cooking oil and selling it for a tidy profit on the underground market.  It’s all because of government rules on making renewable energy sources and cooking oil can be converted into fuel for diesel engines. Last year, refineries converted 3.84 pounds of cooking oil into bio diesel, which now makes up 30% of the diesel fuel market.  Grease collecting companies are noticing their vats have been sucked dry, especially when the price of diesel goes up. As for protection, many law enforcement agencies say they do not have the resources to protect or even go after grease thieves.  It is an interesting turn of events as restaurants had to pay for companies to remove it as little as 10 years ago.  Now companies pay restaurants for the privileged, which now means that restaurants and/or cooking oil collectors may need to hire private security to protect this now precious commodity.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

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