Organic Wines Are Not A Cure All To Avoid Hangovers

August 7, 2017

More people are opting for organic foods but if you are thinking an organic wine will prevent a hangover, we've got some bad news. While organic may imply a healthier option it doesn't mean it is without is counterpart headaches and dehydration.  Organic is all encompassing term as there are three levels of USDA certified organic wines, which are 100% organic. “Organic,” which means at least 95% of it is created with organic products and finally, “made with organic grapes,” which means at least 70% of the product is organic.  That's important because it has to do with sulfites, which is preservative and is produced naturally by yeast during fermentation.  Winemaker’s will add additional sulfites to wine to prevent it from spoiling, oxidizing and aging too quickly. In addition, certain flavors we're accustom in tasting are created by adding sulfites. It’s perhaps a reason 100% organic wines have not gained popularity. 100% organic wines cannot have anything added to it, leaving many to say they taste bad or even spoiled!  But let’s get back to hangovers.  Considering sulfites cannot be added t 100% organic wins or 5% or less in “organic” wines, you would think they would be hangover free.  Not necessarily and in fact, sulfites are not the culprit here.  Most likely it comes from other wine components like histamines, tannins or even alcohol itself.


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