Organ Donor Heart Goes To Cousin

July 26, 2016

The reasons people decide to become an organ donor are many but all revolve around the idea that lives can be saved in the wake of tragedy. Last September, 25 year old Kendrick Murry was a work and fell, injuring his head.  Kendrick’s mother, Adrian explains that her sons head trauma was life threatening and even after emergency surgery, he never responded and remained on life support. Eventually he was deemed brain dead and the difficult decision to shut off his life support was made.  But this is where the story of Kendrick Murry started to turn from sadness to joy.  Unbeknownst to his mother, Kendrick had agreed to donate his organs.  As luck would have it, Kendrick's kidneys were the perfect match for the Murry's church pastor, who was on donation lists for three Hattiesburg, Mississippi hospitals.  Added in to his blood type made matches hard to come by.  But Kendrick’s kidney has now given new life to Pastor Minor.  But that wasn't all the gifts Kendrick gave.  Also unknown to Adrian was that her own cousin had been waiting for a heart transplant for nearly two years.  Although she knew her cousin, Clintoria was sick she wasn't fully aware of what was wrong.  However after Kendrick’s death, Clintoria was rushed into surgery with family member asking for prayers.  Eventually through proper channels, Adrian confirmed that her son's heart was pumping in her cousin's chest. Not only is Adrian closer with her Pastor but also her cousin, who she now refers as her daughter. Clintoria says she is happy that the heart is in the family. In all Kendrick’s organ donations changed the lives of 6 people for the better.

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