Order The Cheapest Wine On The Menu

February 16, 2018

© Daniel Draghici | Dreamstime

When you are out dining and take a look at the wine menu, here's a trick that can save you a bunch of money and guarantee you a great glass or bottle of wine.  Order the cheapest one on the menu!  Let's be honest, most of us can't taste the difference between a $10 or $100 glass and a Harvard study revealed that when asked to distinguish between inexpensive and expensive wines, people guessed correctly just about half of the time. But there’s a trick that many restaurants use to trick you into spending more money.  The second cheapest wine has the highest markup than any other wine on the list, generally.  It’s because of our nature and thriftiness to not appear to be too cheap when ordering wine. So go for el-cheap-o when it comes to wine. Chances are you'll enjoy it more!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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