Orange Alligator Spotted In South Carolina

February 10, 2017

Perhaps you've seen an all-white, albino alligator before but what about an orange one?  Residents of Hanahan, South Carolina have dubbed its new celebrity, "Trumpagator", who was spotted resting on the bank of a pond this week.  The 4.5 ft. alligator has many wondering why its skin is a rusty, sweet potato color. While some speculated it was an environmental factor like pollution or algae, University of Florida alligator biologist, Kent A. Vilet doesn’t believe it is a genetic mutation rather the animal's skin was somehow stained a rust color, most likely from an environment with the same color. In fact, recent pictures of "Trumpagator" indeed show the gator's natural skin color returning. Perhaps the orange gator will cross paths with its soul mate with a blue hue for the perfect gator family!

SOURCE: The Post and Courier

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