Only In Florida: Football Fan Sets Jersey On Fire While Still Wearing It

October 11, 2017


Football season is here and along with all the tailgating and chicken wings are the bets between fans.  One Vero Beach couple lives in a divided home, with the husband being a devoted Cowboys fan and the wife a devoted Green Bay Packers fan.  Last weekend, the two titans of the NFL locked horns with the Packers pulling out the win.  That meant the 27-year old husband had to pay up his debt by burning his beloved Cowboy Jersey.  However the man must not have understood that you should take off your jersey before setting it on fire.  Needless to say the man had second and third degree burns as other family members struggled to get the burning shirt off the man.  He was treated at a local hospital.  Hard to believe but yes, alcohol was involved!

SOURCE: Sebastian Daily

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