Online Scam Targets Those Who Think They Are Ugly

October 5, 2016


A new Instagram scam that plays on your emotions is just plain ugly. Apparently fraudsters are taking advantage of those vulnerable to being called "ugly" and using it to hack into their personal information.  The scam works by an Instagram user receiving notification that a picture of them has been posted to a high-profile “ugly list.” When users click on the link for the so-called list, they’re sent to a bogus site that looks like Instagram but it isn't and when you enter your username and password, hackers can gain access to your personal information.  What makes it even harder to believe it is real is the notification of being on the "ugly list" comes from a person you know (probably because your friend’s account has already been hacked). So beware, if you make the "ugly List", just ignore it and report it to Instagram.  Also be aware this type of scam may start appearing on other social media platforms.

SOURCE: CBS Los Angeles

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