An Online Father Address Strangers Touching His Children

May 8, 2017

© Tbcphotography | Dreamstime

It’s hard not to notice a cute baby or adorable little boy or girl.  They're so cute you can't help buy want to pinch their cheek, pat them on their head or even pick them up.  But is that wrong?  Yes, says one father who has launched an online campaign to address the issue of strangers feeling the need to touch or hold someone else's child. Elon James White is a journalist and online vlogger who admits his cold is adorable, which he appreciates and feels proud at the unsolicited comment.  However he has a problem with the follow-up of touching them or even picking them up to hold.  'If you wouldn’t touch a stranger, why do you feel like you should touch a child?' he asks. The video was met with a huge response from other parents who have dealt with the same issue, with one writing: 'Love this!!! Exactly how I feel.' It also got positive comments from pregnant women, who many say they relate as people seem to have no problem rubbing the belly of a stranger just because she is pregnant.

WARNING: Some NSFW language

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