Online Education Courses And Computer Programs That Are Free

February 22, 2018

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There are many four letter words we can't say on the radio but there's one we can't say enough: FREE!  So when we stumble upon a few web sites that off free services to better yourself and your life, we have to stop and check them out.  For instance, want to increase your knowledge there is Class Central, free online courses on computer science, business, health and humanities.  Coursera features classes put together by professors in courses ranging from computer programming to understanding the financial markets, complete with assignments and opportunities to interact and collaborate with other students. Learn a foreign language with Duolingo.  It's built around mini-lessons in a game-like format you might even enjoy. Learn to read music with MusicTheory. Beyond learning, RetailMeNot searches for coupons and discounts at 50,000 stores. 10 MinuteMail  is useful if you have to give your email address to sign up.  This program creates a valid email address that self-destructs after ten minutes so you can sign up for free deals without worrying about the flooding of ads to your real email address. Like to tweak your photos?  Try Pixlr, which is a free version of old Photoshop. Finally if you need someone to talk to, 7cups is a free space where you can air your feelings anonymously in group chats or directly to a listener or therapist, also anonymously. There are a lot more sites like this listed HERE.

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