Online Dictionary Changes Word Definitions To Stop Students From Cheating On Test

April 5, 2017

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Students have been trying to cheat for as long as Lex Luther has been challenging Superman. While today's cheaters have the ease and convenience of the World Wide Web, the Web strikes back as a powerful reminder that cheating is wrong.  Just like in the United States, students in Romania have a standardize test that must be passed in order to reach high school.  The nationwide test is preceded with a practice test.  However last year, the official Romanian online dictionary noticed a spike in the lookup of certain words which correlated with the words and time of the national practice test was being conducted.  Although no technology was allowed during the test, many students were allegedly using their phones and devices to cheat in order to pass.  So this year, the editors of the Romanian online dictionary decided to teach the cheaters a lesson and the changed the definition of words that had a spike in lookups during the practice test, which was conducted last month. While the move was criticized for being unprofessional and undermining the credibility of the dictionary, others supported the joke, saying that cheaters should get what they deserve.  While it is unknown if the online dictionary will do the same trick during the real test as they did for the practice, it might just be the warning that students need to not relay on technology during the test!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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