One Of The Worst Blind Dates Ever

November 29, 2016

© Pixattitude | Dreamstime

 Quite possibly the worst blind date of all time for an Alabama woman, whose blind date ended up being a fugitive from the law!  The woman decided to go on a date with 22-year-old Jesse Allen Elliot last Saturday night. He picked her up in his car around 8 and the two proceeded on their date.  As the couple were getting to know each other, Jesse grabbed the attention of a police officer who noticed he had made a moving violation and attempted to pull over the car.  According to police reports, Jesse gave the officer a false name and birthdate.  As the officer figured out the information was false and returns to the car, Jesse pushes his date out of the car and speeds away, beginning a high speed chase by police. He was able to evade officers and reportedly remains at large. Police, meanwhile, drove his date home. Luckily, she was unharmed in the incident.


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