One Country Is Paying For Americans To Visit

October 23, 2017

It's custom to spend your own money on vacation but there's one country that is willing to pay for Americans to visit it.  Actually one airline is behind it.  Qantas Airlines really wants you to visit Australia but to get there or any country you'll need a passport, so the Australian airline will pay for you to get your passport.  Their latest promotion is will discount your ticket by $135, which breaks out to the $110 fee to obtain or renew your passport and well as the priority processing fee of $25. According to Tourism Australia, the United States of America is the fourth largest market for inbound visitors and while arrivals have largely been up grown by more than 57% in the last decade, the latest figures from August showed a slump. Flights generally cost $1,500 for the nearly 23 hour trip to the land down under, where it is spring. Make sure to book by November 23rd.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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