The Older We Get, The Happier We Become

December 9, 2016

© Mary Katherine Wynn | Dreamstime

We generally think of getting older as a life filled with more aches and pains than before, falling asleep earlier and generally finding the music is too loud!  But some good news as we age, Americans tend to get happier as we get older. A Gallup-Healthways poll found older Americans scored higher on a survey of well-being than did their younger counterparts. Specifically, adults ages 55 and older scored an average of 63.6 out of 100, which is three points higher than the average score of adults younger than 55. Gallup calculated this well-being score based on participants' answers to questions about different aspects of well-being, including how they rated their sense of purpose, social relationships, financial lives, community involvement and physical health. As Americans get older, they tend to report greater satisfaction with their standard of living and increased financial stability, as well as less worry and stress.

SOURCE:Live Science

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