The Oktoberfest Sneaker That Is Beer And Barf Resistant

September 7, 2017

© Selenka | Dreamstime

Although September just began, lovers of Oktoberfest are in the final planning stages.  The world's largest and oldest beer festival, held annual in Munich, Germany, begins later this month and has been a tradition since 1810 when King Ludwig I married  Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. However with over 7 million liters of beer served over a two week period, there are bound to be those who overconsume and get sick, without very much notice, sometimes resulting in your shoes being the victim to their partying ways. But thanks to Adidas that may be a problem of the past.  The German athletic apparel company has released "beer-repellent" sneakers. The Adidas Munich "Oktoberfest" original sneaker is the only Lederhosen you should wear outside of a German village. The Oktoberfest sneaker's design was inspired by Bavarian leather pants and features brown leather that has been treated to be "puke and beer repellent" and even contain the word "Prost" on the side. She Oktoberfest shoe sells for just over $200 and are currently on backorder.  Hopefully you will receive your pair before Oktoberfest is over!

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