Ocala Road Rage Incident Ends With A Truck Backing Over A Car

February 3, 2017


If you were wondering why a truck had backed over the car behind it on SW 27th Avenue and 42nd Street Wednesday in Ocala, you saw a road rage incident that got out of control.  Ocala Police arrested the driver of the car, Adalberto Aponte, on charges of battery, driving on a suspended license and criminal mischief. According to the report, the driver of the truck with a lift kit, Aponte was allegedly driving recklessly and as the two came up to the traffic light at 27th and 42nd with the truck ahead of the car, Aponte got out of his car and approached the truck.  The3 truck driver says Aponte punched him in the face several times.  The driver's girlfriend allegedly yelled at Aponte that they had a gun.  Aponte responded by saying he was going to get his gun and as he was walking back to his car and fearful for their lives, the truck driver put his truck in reverse and ran over the hood on the passenger side of the car as he could not move forward because of oncoming traffic.  Witness backed up the story while Aponte denied punching the truck driver.  No one was injured in that incident nor were any guns found or used. 

SOURCE: Ocala Star-Banner

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