Observant Swimming Fan points To a Champions Growing Mole And Get Him To Have It Checked

October 21, 2016

Australia has been singing the praises of Mack Horton, who won gold in the 400 meter freestyle at the Olympic Games in Rio. But Horton is singing the praise of an observant fan who quite possibly saved his life.  A swimming fan has been following the career of the rising champion and while watching video after video of Horton, the fan noticed one of his moles getting bigger and darker.  So concerned it may be cancer, the anonymous supporter got in touch with the Australian Olympic swim team through an email suggesting the 20 year old have the mole checked.  Acceding to Horton's own words, the viewer made a "very good call" as he posted a selfie on Instagram of him giving the thumbs up in front of his chest with a large bandage where the growing mole had once been.  Although it wasn't specifically mentioned as being pre-cancerous or cancer, Australians have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world with majority of them caused by exposure to UV radiation in sunlight. Thanks to a vigilant fan, Horton may have dogged a bullet that could have ended his life!

Shout out to the person that emailed the swim team doctor and told me to get my mole checked out. Good call. Very good call. --------

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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