Nutmeg Better A Cooling Sensation Than Peppermint

December 27, 2017

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We usually reach for a peppermint candy or stick of gum to given us a chilling fresh feeling after a morning cup of coffee or after than sandwich with onions you had for lunch.  But a spice normally associated with the holidays may be better a job! Nutmeg may not only freshen your breath better than peppermint, it appears to do it longer too!  Scientists have discovered that a compound in nutmeg can produce the same cooling effect as menthol, the natural ingredient that gives mint it’s refreshing tingle. In fact they've found the compound is 30 times more potent than menthol and doesn't give the user a sudden unpleasant freezing sensation some mint-flavored products produce. The cooling effect lasted for 30 minutes, three times longer than that of menthol. The researchers believe the compound could be used to produce new types of longer-lasting toothpaste and mouthwashes. They are now working on ways of incorporating it into other products like mints and chewing gums.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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