The Number One Reason Newlyweds Fight

February 15, 2018


If you are always having an argument with your sweetie over the chores, you are not alone!  A recent survey of 75,000 married couples found that couples yearning for domestic bliss usually falter when it comes to domestic chores. From doing the dishes to dusting, how household chores get done is the biggest bone of contention. The number one topic of disagreements between couples is what 'clean' looks like!  Followed by how often they're intimate, how much time a spouse spends on their phone, and what spouses spend money on. Interestingly enough it isn't who does the cleaning but how the cleaning is done that leads to most fights. So it isn't the fact that your spouse is leaving you alone to clean but it's the level of clean you expect. While one can learn the ways in which your spouse considers an item or area "clean" it may be a better bet  find a way to compromise between your "must haves" in terms of cleanliness, and what is more negotiable.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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