The Number One Reason Couple Break Up Isn't What You May Think

January 11, 2018


You never go into a romantic relationship thinking that you'll end up breaking up or divorcing but with half of marriages ending in divorce the odds aren't too promising.  After the break up the signs were clear that it wasn't meant to be.  But this one common behavior can save you years of heartache. If you are constantly fighting about money, your relationship is doomed.  According to Bank Rate dot com, the most common fight for those who have split is over spending habits, with 60% saying that one person spends too much or the other is too cheap. The remaining fights are pretty evenly split between someone being dishonest about money, how to divide the bills and other types of money fights, which could be anything from disagreements over forgetting to pay a bill to a couple’s financial priorities in life.  Of course, it’s hard to talk about money and hard to find the right time to speak about it. But if you want to try and make it work you need to create a budget and get all of the issues out in the open.  If you love to shop, are cheap, bad about remembering to pay bills or whatever financial needs to be disclosed, including any credit card or loan debt AS PAINFUL AS IT MAY SOUND! So once you've worked on a budget and who is paying what, set up a joint account to cover the basic bills. Set up a plan with automatic contributions to a retirement account, college savings account and other long-term savings goals so that you never miss the money or payment. Finally you should set an amount of spending money that is solely yours.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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