Not Offering Thanks Is Not A Sign Of Rudeness

May 30, 2018

© Shininghope | Dreamstime.

If hearing “thank you” is important to you, maybe don't hold your breath. A new study has found that in most cultures, if you reach out to give a helping hand, you won’t get much thanks in response. In what many would consider rude, a worldwide study found that people helped each other out 88% of the time but gratitude was only offered once in 20 times. However it isn't poor manners or rudeness.  The study revealed more about linguistic traditions. Across cultures, close-knit groups of people take it for granted that people will cooperate with each other, to the point that saying thanks is no longer needed. As for the number of "thanks" offered, English speakers appear to be the most liberal with the word, followed by Italian while polish-speakers and Siwu speakers in Ghana offered it much less.  As common as thank you appears to be, the Cha’palaa people in Ecuador have no have no word for “thank you”.

SOURCE: The Guardian

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