Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Self-Checkout

December 7, 2017

The self-serve checkout has fans and foes. Reddit asked the question to why some people prefer to have their items scanned and bagged by a store employee instead of yourself.  Some of the answers are hilarious.  One stated the confusion of the computer in "placing your item in the bagging area, unexpected items in the bagging area, please wait for assistance. Now you stand around trying not to look like an idiot that can't operate a machine to be used by an idiot." Another more practical reason was offered by another user who complained you cannot buy alcohol or anything that requires an ID and yet another mentioned buying bananas is now a burden as well as any other produce. One user chimed in with "If there's a problem, the self-checkout supervisor has to come over and-oh, it's someone you knew from high school, excellent. Now we gotta have the "How've you been?" conversation and nobody wants that. I just wanted to checkout my items in peace."

SOURCE: Reddit

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