Non-Traditional Names for Children Can Cause Acceptance Problems Later in Life

October 13, 2016


Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment but when it comes to naming your child, you may end up regretting an impulse decision for life.  The trend to give children unique names appears to be backfiring as time moves on and tastes change.  Parents naming their children Banjo, Luxx, Sharpay, Diesel, Laydien, Harvest and midnight may be cute at first but they can be a headache later as your child grows older.  A survey last month found almost a fifth of parents end up regretting the name they give their child. As much as we strive to be equal on paper, society still judges people by their names.  One sobering statistic found that college applicants to Oxford University in England with more traditional names were found to be 100 times more likely to gain acceptance over those with unique names.  Although name tastes change if you are considering a very unique and recently created name, experts suggest either a more traditional middle name or using your unique name as the middle.  Or to create a nickname with it that is used by family and close friends. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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