Non Food Items You Should Keep In The Freezer

January 4, 2018

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Things you place in your kitchen freezer: ice cream, vegetables, meat, and your denim jeans!  Most denim manufacturers encourage wearers to not wash your jeans EVER to get that cool look!  While washing them inside out in cold water is a must if there is a stain (you don't want), you can give jeans that clean feeling again by simply placing your jeans in a plastic bag, seal it and leave in your freezer for a week.  The cold will kill any living organisms and make your jeans FEEL crisp and clean again. Freezing your tights and pantyhose strengthens the fibers against runs and pulls and makes them last twice as long. Simply get them damp, place in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight. Let them "thaw" the next day and they're good to go. Forget to sign a greeting card after you’ve licked and sealed the envelope?   Pop that envelope in a plastic bag and into the freezer for an hour or two to loosen the adhesive. Once its room temperature again, you should be able to re-seal it. If you get gum or wax (or anything like those things) on your clothes, stick the pieces into the freezer until the offending sticky goop hardens, then try and chip or pry it off in big chunks.

SOURCE: Kitchn

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