No, You Are Not Crazy In Talking To Non-Human Items Like It Was A Person

April 4, 2017

Find yourself talking to cars, plants and even your pet?  Some might find the practice as unusual and borderline insane but it is normal as greying hair!  The practice of treating non-human objects as human in talking to them, a practice known as anthropomorphism was thought to be childish, immature and even crazy by some people.  But  the idea of giving names to objects such as boats, plants and pets dates back millions of years and that's because the human mind is programmed to "see faces" as a way to know friend from foe as well as our need to be social. As we look for humanistic character traits in material items, we grow to think of them as a human as we become more reliant on them. In short, talking to material items isn't a sign of craziness but rather a tradition that dates back millions of years.

SOURCE: Quartz

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