Newspaper Prints Obituary For The Latest The Walking Dead Character To Die

October 27, 2016

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SPOILER ALERT!  The Walking Dead fans who have not watched the season 7 premier that aired Sunday should stop reading this post.  However once you watch the episode you should come back to this post!  If you have already seen the episode, we don't have to tell you it was a shocking one.  So upsetting to so many fans that an Arkansas newspaper has gone above and beyond to share your grief in the death of Glenn.  Tuesday, the Batesville Daily Guard printed his obituary which reads, "Glenn Rhee, husband, father-to-be, warrior and friend departed from this world October 23rd. He was 32. Born and raised in Michigan to Korean immigrant parents, he settled in Atlanta to undertake his career of delivering pizzas and brightening the world around him until the unthinkable happened, the Walker Apocalypse. He is survived by his loving wife Maggie and their unborn child; Rick, Carl and Judith Grimes; Carol Peletier; Daryl Dixon; the Warrior Woman known only as Michonne; and various other adoptive family members and associates that will be more memorable in their eventual deaths than they ever were in life."" The eulogy ends with a pleas in lieu of flowers, the family asks donations of anyone who can help them defeat Negan be made in his memory.  The newspaper has sold out of its printed copy and editors say it was meant as a bit of brevity during this exhaustive election cycle, a break from the hard news of the day and is not to be taken seriously.

SOURCE: Batesville Daily Guard

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